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"We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit."
- Aristotle

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Xylon Technologies (P) Ltd,
44/184B, SRM Road, Vattoly lane,
Cochin - 682018, Kerala

Tel: +91-484 4023765
+91-484 6467557

Frequently asked questions

Do you do website design?

Absolutely, but the kind of design we do varies in that we focus more on usability ,customer focus and search engine compatibility more than just flashy web pages. But we have developed quite a few websites that our clients have been happy with . Please go to the clients page to view all our works. In fact a well designed website can put across the right messages to the customer and thus enable greater web conversion ratios.

What do you need to get your business functioning online?

  1. You need to have a target market.

  2. You need a website that can convert prospects to customers.

  3. You need to have an online lead generating mechanism.

  4. You need to be online in places where your customers look.

  5. You need to initiate relationship building activities online.

  6. You need to maintain existing customers and continue promoting yourself to them and at the same time find more.

  7. You need to have strong reporting and analyzing mechanisms to evaluate the results of all your activities.

Is your SEO service guaranteed?

While we do our best to ensure that our clients get the maximum visibility and customer reach, we do not engage in fooling search engines or spamming. We aim for long term effectiveness and web prominence rather than just getting the first place on the search engine. While our efforts can get you top rankings we cannot give written guarantees. Online you may find companies that guarantee top ranking within days and similar gimmicks but we do not engage in that as we are a brick and mortar company that works on genuine projects and gaining realistic results.


What is pay per click? How does it benefit me?

Organic search on Google or yahoo will bring up pages of results filtered using the criteria preset the respective search engine. We do not have a whole lot of control on the exact placement of our link. But we have options to choose the exact placement of targeted ads on the search results page.

For E.g. in Google you can see the list of ads on the right hand side that target the customers looking for specific information, products or services. If you place an ad there you not only gain visibility but you also need to pay if and only if the customer clicks on it. The beauty of this system is that you can accurately test an modify your ads and keywords till you get the desired number of leads.


I don’t understand Social media Optimization. How is it effective?

Websites like linked in, My Space, Orkut, Face book etc. are hubs of activity and places where people go to build relationships. A savvy web marketer can help you find customers and build effective relationships through these networks to market your business. While search engine optimization takes prolonged efforts and considerable time web 2.0 or Social media give immediate results.


How will I know which to choose?

Effective web marketing will involve all the above strategies. But individual business marketing goals differ based on the size of the company, target customers and specific results desired. We can have a seasoned online marketer discus and help you understand this better. Please contact us for immediate help.


How will I know if your services are actually helping me?

Once we start working for you we will be updating you regularly on what is being done, how it is being done. We will provide you an interface and tools to access your stats and determine for yourself how many visitors are stopping by, what they are looking at, where they are coming from. Finally you will know that we are good when you will notice that your leads are increasing.


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